The Ordinary Adventures of Laurel

Hey there. :) In this blog, I will use emoticons even when trying to maintain a professional serious attitude. You guys need to go ahead and accept that. :P
^See, there I go.

I'm a college student from sunny Florida! I'm finishing up my AA in the next couple of semesters(with any luck!) then starting the training process to become a doula. I love babies, as should be evident by the hundreds of baby pictures I reblog.

Hopefully, I'll one day be able to post pictures of my own babies...if I'm still using Tumblr when I'm old...
Who am I kidding, of course I'll still be using Tumblr when I'm old!

I'm avidly pro-life, so be prepared to be for all that may entail when choosing to follow or unfollow.

I'm a cat person.
I have a ton of food allergies.
I love reading.
I like Dr. Who.
Edward Monkton is a wonderful person and one of my heroes. If you look him up and don't fall in love with him, I'll send you a personal cyber hug and/or look of contempt.
My boyfriend's name is Jared, and he is even more wonderful that Edward Monkton. I'll try to keep the mushiness to a minimum.
I'm simplistic.
I'm somewhere in the spectrum between Catholic and Agnostic.
Insult any religion around me(with the exception of the Westboro Baptist Church) and you will surely earn a grudge so cold you might be at risk of hypothermia.
I'm very tired as I write this.
I have a Schnoodle named Chowder. My parents chose the name. I wanted to name her Toby. Or Chester, since all of the dogs my family has ever owned had names begnning in "Ch".
I am a cupcake baker. I have come up with new recipies in my dreams. I'm not kidding.
I'm delving into feminism. Yes, I am still pro-life. I will be glad to explain why those two go together.
I hate peas.
I love chocolate.
I enjoy people-watching.
I neither love nor hate hipsters. I only bring that up because it seems like everyone has to have at least some opinion of them. Nobody can just not mention them at least once.
I love puns.
I laught at my own jokes.
I laugh at my own puns.

Learn Cool Stuff About Me! Whoo!  

Who wants to know, eh?
I’ve been ashed!

I’ve been ashed!

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